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It didn't take us long to decide Greece was the place to go for vacation in 1996.  Todd had studied Greek and Roman history in college and had always wanted to see it.  For Patty, it was simply a matter of finding somewhere in Europe she hadn't been yet...  Greece was it!

Geece Map

Of course it's a big place with lots to see, one doesn't just go to "Greece", just as no-one would hope to see all of "America" in a two week vacation.  We had to narrow it down a bit..

We bought a couple travel books - Frommer's and Let's Go - and were given a copy of the Lonely Planet guide by Patty's sister Jean.   For out type of travel (low budget, winging it whenever we can, as unplanned as possible with no particular requirements for swanky accomodations) we found the Lonely Planet guide to be the best, with Let's Go a close second.

Of course there are a plethora of resources available on the net - more so now than in 1996.  A good starting point there is The Tourist Guide of Greece.  If you want to check up on the day's news in Greece there's the Athens News.  Here's a link to the Weather Channel's Greece city pages... And here's a link to the current exchange rates...

One almost has to start in Athens - that's where the flights come in.  Perhaps there are other places to start from, but we didn't find them easily.  From there, there are a mind boggling number of choices - mainland or island?  If mainland, do we go north or south?  If Island, which chain? 

We would have liked to rent a car and drive up the eastern coast of the country (recommended by someone at Todd's work who had been there and done that) but we also wanted to spend some time in the islands, and two weeks isn't enough for both. 

The itinerary we chose ended up being a few days in Athens followed by the rest of the trip ferrying between islands of the Cyclades chain.  Perhaps not the most adventurous plan, but one we thought would give us a great view of the parts of Greece one thinks about most, and give us a chance to both see some of the ancient monuments as well as spend some time laying in the sun on the beach.  We loved it, and if you want tojoin us on the trip let's go to Athens!